After a 3 year break, British based duo Marconi Union return with their Fourth album, of atmospheric slow builders paired with minimalist post-dubstep beats, a familiar sound gracing new music most significantly with post-dubstep’s pioneer James Blake’s album released earlier this year.

Title track, ‘Beautifully Falling Apart’ features samples of running water and distant voices, adding to the largely ambient instrumental sound. The running water sample emphasises the aquatic nature of Marconi Union’s music, with synths that crescendo to swiftly fall, imitating the dystopian beauty of crashing waves on a bleak summer’s day. Although the tracks can occasionally convert you into a dream- like paralysis where time has no meaning, sometimes the length of tracks can make you feel weary like a bad comedown which refuses to persist.

When synthesisers and producing software are so frequently used on computers in new music nowadays, Marconi Union have taken this modern edge and added a twist on ‘Losing The Light’ with acoustic guitar and strings intertwined while a pulsing synth loop slowly fades out in the background. ‘Blue Collar Parade’ sees unusual beats, short and sharply popping aimlessly in the background like popping candy accompanied by disjointed echoing guitar. The album embodies the potency of atmospheric electronic music, perhaps strategically Marconi Union have returned when their sound is painstakingly relevant with the arrival of a new wave of electronic artists who have gained much blog- hype and look set to start a crossover into more mainstream territory.

Beautifully Falling Apart is easily enjoyed while it’s raining (which has plagued us more than would be desirable recently) whilst lying in bed safe in the knowledge that you’re tucked up. However it can equally be enjoyed when the blistering sun burns your back on a desolate beach this summer.