Composer and pianist Marek Zebrowski and filmmaker David Lynch are will be re-issuing their collaborative album, Polish Night Music. Originally released in 2008 on CD only, the album will now be arriving in vinyl form, available from 13th November courtesy of Sacred Bones.

The reissue will also come with a download code for Live at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, a live performance by the pair from 2006. They originally met at Camerimage Film Festival in Poland, after which Lynch invited Zebrowski to do some translation work on his film Inland Empire, during which time the pair bonded over a shared interest in improvisation and experimentation in music.

Speaking to The Guardian, Zebrowski said:

"[Poland] is a landscape that continues to remain at once familiar and completely alien to me. Every time I am there, I am surprised by something, and I think for David, Poland certainly represents the process of discovery."

Listen to a track taken from the album, 'Night (A Landscape with Factory)', below.

In other news, David Lynch is releasing a memoir because he's fed up with "bullshit."

  • Polish Night Music tracklist:
  • 01 Night (City Black Street)
  • 02 Night (A Landscape with Factory)
  • 03 Night (Interiors)
  • 04 Night (A Woman On a Dark Street Corner)

  • Live at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland tracklist:
  • 01 Night (Memories of Machines)
  • 02 Night (Unfilled Dreams)
  • 03 Night (The Great Electrical Pants Stand Like Cathedrals)
  • 04 Night (Snowfalls Through The Black Leafless Trees)