Larry Clark (Kids, Bully) released his new film Marfa Girl as a stream on his website for one day only back in November, and has no plans to give the film to cinemas due to what Clark rather charmingly refers to as 'crooked Hollywood distributors'. However, it's still possible to see this already-a-rarity, as The Book Club in Shoreditch (home of many excellent indie film events/nights) has secured permission from Clark's press office - so don't miss the chance to see it. We'll certainly be there to review.

Set in the Texan town of Marfa, the film celebrates teenage sexuality and confusion in a similar vein to Clark’s earlier films. Focusing on 15 year old Adam, the film explores the tension between the artistic community of the town, the Mexican border patrols and the Hispanic community and what happens when a sexually promiscuous young artist arrives in town. The film has gathered numerous accolades, including ‘Best Film’ at the Rome film festival.

Get yourselves down to The Book Club to watch the new offering from one of the most important directors in independent cinema today, whilst swigging a couple of Buds, natch.

Screening 1: 6.30pm – 9pm and 2: 9.30pm – 12am Door: FREE