Inevitable Daydream is a Margate-based band that create nerve-shredding and escapist garage rock, delivered in extended songs that allow their imaginations to roam around fantastical lands - and take their listeners with them. They've announced that they'll be releasing a Joint LP with friends and fellow Margate band Gang on March 1st, and today they have shared a new 7-minute cut from the record called 'Bongwater/Dreadlord'. The title of the track gives you some idea of what we're dealing with here; a thrilling musical equivalent of an immersive RPG session, fuelled by a little weed and a lot of excited conceptualisation. If you still can't quite get a grip on the idea, then perhaps this snippet from Inevitable Daydream's introduction to 'Bongwarter/Dreadlord' will paint the picture:

“Amongst the smouldering ashen ruins of Hearthglen awakens a terrible evil that has lay dormant, deep in the earth for aeons. A peal of thunder shakes the blackened sky as an inconceivable horror returns to the material plane. Wielding a vorpal blade dripping with elvish blood (with +1 to head-severing) and leading a foul legion of barbaric fiends; the Dreadlord, harbinger of chaos, fear and death brings fiery apocalypse and eternal night to the lands of Ozma. Mounted on a ten-headed winged leviathan, uprooting trees with its vast beating span, the Dreadlord takes flight, leaving those left below to dream in the dark as their frail reality is torn apart.

"A band of brave travellers assemble, these seven knights dare to stand against the ancient evil. Hailing from the faraway coastal shire Margate, these seasoned warriors powerful as they stand may be humanity's last hope...."

It goes on at length from there, but at this point it's best you dive headfirst into 'Bongwater/Dreadlord' below and fully immerse yourself in the world that Inevitable Daydream have created. Across the 7-and-a-half minutes of 'Bongwater/Dreadlord' below you'll find yourself wandering among watercolour painted landscapes, feeling dwarfed by the surrounding scenery, be set upon by packs of wild animals, get into skirmishes - and all of this is vividly portrayed by Inevitable Daydream's dynamic and wildly unpredictable playing. Check it out below.

'Bongwater/Dreadlord' is taken from Joint, a split record between Inevitabe Daydream and Gang coming out on Gang's M8s Records on March 1st - you can pre-order it here. Follow Inevitable Daydream on Twitter and Facebook, and catch their thrilling live show at one of these dates:

20 - Brighton - Green Door Store
21 - London - Windmill, Brixton
23 - Bristol - Hy Brasil
24 - Manchester - The Eagle Inn
25 - Leeds - Nation Of Shopkeepers
26 - Glasgow - Flying Duck
28 - Nottingham - JT Soar

1 - Margate - Elsewhere