Back in October we were captivated by 'Eyes Don't Say It' from Ireland's Maria Somerville. The atmospheric songwriter, touted as "Ireland's answer to Grouper," has now revealed the details of her 7-track mini-album All My People, which will see release on March 1st.

Along with that announcement she has shared the murky and mystical title track, in which she beckons listeners further into her enshrouded soundscape. Beneath the cloaked exterior, Somerville sings of her youth, the softness of her voice entwining with the sparse blanket of sound and creating something vulnerable and vivid. Across six minutes of 'All My People' we feel as though we're taking a stroll through grayscale memories, cherished and untouched by time, with additional whirrs and pops surging out of the mist in flashes of colour and brief rushes of deep-set feeling. With 'All My People' Maria Somerville has us hooked for what's to come on the mini-album.

Following the release of All My People on March 1st, Maria Somerville will be touring Ireland:

7/3/19 Róisín Dubh, Galway
8/3/19 The Roundy, Cork
9/3/19 Dolan’s, Limerick
16/3/19 The 343, Belfast
22/3/19 Bello Bar, Dublin
1/6/19 Open Ear, Sherkin Island
16/6/19 Áras Éanna, Inis Oírr

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