Take it from us: the new (and second) Mariam The Believer album, Love Everything, which comes out next month, has zero filler. Meanwhile, its heralding single, ‘Bodylife’ rivals the best cuts from her astonishing 2013 debut, Blood Donation, with a bass-driven rhythmic ode to a being whose every aspect will continue to be etched on the narrator’s memory “even though this body will disappear, even though this life will disappear”.

Over a twinkling piano, Mariam Wallentin lists various body parts: “I will always know these ears”, “I will always know this chin”, “I will always know these fingers” and so on and so forth. It’s less blood donation and more organ donation, if you’ll allow a brief moment’s attempt at “humour”.

Wallentin worked on the video for the track with close friend and fellow-Swede, Ylva Henrikson, who is not only a dancer and choreographer but also a filmmaker. The result is a beautiful visual spouse to this intense, gripping track. “For me, it’s a dance between life and death”, Wallentin tells The 405. “It’s about the body, quite simply, and about what it carries inside as well as the acceptance of dying.”

We’ll be publishing an in-depth interview with Wallentin next month, ahead of the release of Love Everything.

'Bodylife' is out now on Repeat Until Death. Love Everything is out on 20 October. Mariam The Believer plays The Lexington in London on 29 November.