What if we could see inside our bodies while we were listening to music, watching our cells and fluid bodies move and dance to the sound?

I've been fascinated by how our sense of scale can be manipulated so that something very small appears quite large and unrecognizable to its original form. I built this visual music instrument to help make visible some of these hidden magical phenomena that would otherwise remain unseen.

I wanted to create a more immersive musical performance for my latest album, Star Core, so I've been creating footage that I'll be performing with live, synchronized with the sounds. Each song has its own lighting program for the LEDs that are built into the instrument - so that I can synchronize to the rhythms and change the hue depending on the mood of the song. This latest version of the instrument is made of clear epoxy which is textured, creating landscapes which remind me of interstellar imagery.

Marielle V Jakobsons' new album Star Core is out on August 19th via Thrill Jockey.