The captivating noisemaker known as Marin is getting ready to release her debut Only Echoes EP. This is an exciting time for those who have been waiting for a full-length project from the North London singer since 'Prevail'- the informal but delightful bootleg of Zomby's 'Witch Hunt.' That number had music junkies and publications asking the inevitable question of "so what's next?" After releasing her first track 'Day 42' a while back, and premiering 'Falls' just last month news of the intriguingly soulful singer dropping an EP is the "next" we've been waiting for.

'Falls' is a delicately candid song. Marin's voice is smooth and controlled yet its raw appeal perfectly matches the track's sombre content. She tells me over email that 'Falls' is the darkest song on the EP but every song will be just as open. "Each one really represents a different point in my life over the last year or so - I sing about ups and downs but it's all really honest."

Marin admitted that the whole EP is about mental health which without having to ask what to expect we know the 4-track project is deeply personal and will go places that are dim and probably hurt with many listeners able to relate. This will be one for the late nights alone that will push us to unravel truths about ourselves we try to hide. As we prepare for the outpouring of heavy emotions, Marin admits the EP will not be all dark and twisty. "I think you can enjoy all the songs on two levels - yeah, it's great to relate to something but even if the subject matter means nothing to a listener, there are stylistic choices and vocals that (hopefully!) can still be enjoyed. 'Elixir' is a bit more upbeat too so hopefully I'll inspire just a little bit of joy."

With last week being mental health awareness week it's refreshing to see an artist open up about their struggles and help bring the conversation around mental health less taboo. It's not an easy task to share this side of yourself with the world. "It took me so long to talk about what I was going through when I was struggling so if even one person can relate to one lyric and feel less alone I think that's a job well done. There's also been a notable shift in attitudes recently - more and more people are opening up about their experiences and I think it's important this continues."

Music for a long time has been a therapeutic medium for the listener that sometimes we forget how much it helps the artist. As relatable as 'Falls' is for some, it's also a telling moment Marin is sharing. It's important that artists are honest in their music not just to help others but to also help themselves. Marin admits that music is the one calming outlet for her. "I put stuff in my songs that I couldn't bring myself to talk about with anyone and it makes me feel a million times better." This reminds me that artists reveal so much of themselves to make beautiful music we can sometimes miss or ignore the meaning or message. Let's not do that.

The Only Echoes EP will be released on June 2nd, you can listen to it here.

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