Ok, we're already there, are we? Christmas time in October. Let's just do it now and have a surprise thang. Imagine that. Actually, it would never ever happen. It's as crazy as even thinking about Christmas in October. Oh.

Anyway, Mark Kozelek (of Sun Kil Moon) will be singing Christmas carols on a Christmas album. In particular, he'll singing 'Christmas Time Is Here', taken from A Charlie Brown Christmas – the one saving grace of having to write about Christmas right now is Charlie Brown being involved.

This is going to be one of the tracks on Sings Christmas Carols, out 4th November. Stream the track over at Pitchfork, or watch the original Peanuts-based version below.

Discovery: Too Christmas for you? Go check out the un-anything release, Sup, by PC Music affiliate Lil Date from yesterday.