Markus Lundqvist has unleashed a powerfully engaging piece for Marina & The Diamonds' 'I'm a Ruin'. Featuring a stunning performance from Marina, the video makes clever use of the landscape and stark beauty of Lanzarote's winter season.

From the director, Markus Lundqvist:

"The idea was based loosely on a bit of Scandinavian folklore which sees a man play the violin to lure young women into a lake and subsequently drowns them. My take on it was to have Marina feeling like a creature raising up from the black rocks who was absorbed by the winds and pulsing northern lights that are generated by the sea creatures. In the end they capture her and she descends into the water. All in all, it was a very elemental performance with Marina as focus point.

"We're originally thinking of going to Iceland but due to too much snow and cold at this time of year. Lanzarote was an amazing find. It's completely inverted where the sky is bright and the ground is black and adds to the stellar look and feel of it.

"Marina was amazing, couldn't have had a better performer to work with. She just got the moves and worked like a true champ through wind, water and cold. Most people wouldn't be able to sustain a full day in that, but she never gave up."

"The biggest challenge after was to get it all put together in such a short space of time. Syndicate, the Swedish posthouse, was key to getting the job done. Incredibly, they managed to generate CGI and VFX elements for us to use in the edit. Due to my VFX background, luckily I was able help out compositing all elements together. It contains a lot invisible effects that helps to add to the feeling of each set."

Marina continues a trend of working alongside powerful creatives to lend indelible imagery to her sound. Here's to hoping 2015 see's Mr Lundqvist further his collaborations with Pär M. Ekberg, [director of photography for 'I'm a Ruin'], as each frame of the video could be hung in a gallery.