The good people at Marshall Teller Records are celebrating their two year anniversary this weekend, and being the kind people that they are, they're releasing a two year compilation that will be split between two 7'' records with 8 separate bands in September. The release is limited to only 300 records, and the artwork/posters are being painted by the bands themselves.

However, you can hear the opening track off the compilation titled 'Lets Build A Fort' by Cheatahs right here on the 405!

Don't forget to check out the special compilation when it's released on September 10th. Ah, anniversaries are so sweet sometimes.


  • CHEATAHS - Lets Build a Fort
  • COLOURS - Paradise
  • OMI PALONE - A Reason
  • WARM BRAINS - Zaragoza
  • PARLOUR – My Love
  • TOTAL SLACKER – Sometimes People Suck
  • NIGHT MANAGER – Broke Haircut