County Durham band Martha will be releasing their third album Love Keeps Kicking on April 5th; we already loved the title track, and we want to let them know that we are really into new single 'Into This'.

The new track is a bucking indie-punk stomper, as musically tumultuous as the emotions on display in the lyrics. A classic tale of insecurity and suspected emotional absence, Martha's 'Into This' will pulverise your heart as much as it makes you want to pump your fist. It all comes to a head in the cathartic chorus, where the question just comes bursting out: "are you really into this?"

'Into This' also comes with an excellent DIY video, which the band introduces by saying "Hi friends, here's another new single! Unfortunately, we spent all of our budget on the other video, so for this one we just went to a car boot sale and bought an old camcorder and used the footage that was already on there. Hope you enjoy! Love Martha <3"

Martha's Love Keeps Kicking is out April 5th via Big Scary Monsters. They've got these tour dates coming up:

23 March - ES - Madrid Popfest
06 April - UK - Margate, Elsewhere
07 April - BEL - Antwerp, Trix
08 April - DE - Bochum, Rotunde
09 April - DE - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
10 April - DE - Köln, Sonic Ballroom
11 April - DE - Jena, Kassablanca
12 April - CZ - Prague - Klub 007 Strahow
13 April - DE- Alte Mälzerei, Heimspiel Festival
16 April - UK - London - The Garage
20 April - UK - Manchester - Manchester Punk Fest
26 April - UK - Bristol - Exchange
27 April - UK - Brighton - West Hill Hall
28 April - UK -Birmingham - Hare & Hounds
3 May - UK - Glasgow - Mono
5 May - UK - Leicester - Handmade Festival
13th July - UK - Cheltenham - 2000 Trees Festival
28th July - UK - Steventon - Truck Festival
29 Aug—1 Sept - UK - Larmer Tree Gardens, End of the Road Festival