This Wu-Tang Clan vs Martin Shkreli beef is really just the gift that keeps on giving. Following back and forth jabs between Ghostface Killah and the world's most hated pharmaceutical douche, Martin has somehow collected a brand new enemy. A new York-based illustrator is suing both Shkreli and RZA, claiming that his Wu-Tang based work showed up in a recent Vice profile of Shkreli. The Wu-Tang Clain Disciples' fan art creator has now filed a copyright lawsuit on the grounds that his art is being used in the 174-page book that accompanied the $1 million album that Shkreli bought, which started this whole mess in the first place.

Koza is seeking unspecified damages from Shkreli, RZA, producer Cilvaringz, and auction house Paddle8 (who sold Shkreli the album). If he wins, it could ban Shkreli from distributing copies of the album commercially for a minimum of 88 years.

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