Canadian producer Thomas Arsenault (Mas Ysa) earned a solid reputation with his ability to blend a multitude of all-world sounds on his 2014 EP Worth. The result was upwards of two years traveling across the Western hemisphere, as far south as Brazil, which is clearly evident on his newest dream pop exploration 'Margarita'.

The new single captures a tropicalia vibe, but its true prowess can be found in Arsenault's surprisingly strong vocals. The lyrics, despite their seemingly distant inspiration, are actually about Arsenault's mother.

He explains to FADER: "There is something soothing about yelling my Mother's name on stage. Even in the middle of a long run of shows, stage fright can really swell in me unexpectedly. She is such a source of kindness and light that sort of summoning her helps, 'cause she shows up."

The single will be featured on Mas Ysa's upcoming LP Seraph, out July 24th. He'll be on tour alongside Tanlines in the coming months as well, with dates listed here. Listen to 'Margarita' below and buy the single on iTunes.