Mas Ysa, the moniker for Thomas Arsenault, a 30-year-old musician and producer from Canada, smoothly blends his raspy vocals with spellbinding whirlwinds of sound on his debut EP, Worth. After spending two years traveling across the globe from the North American continent all the way down to Brazil, Worth serves as Mas Ysa's musical vessel with 9 cathartic tracks that explore the realms of experimental electronic production.

It's easy to see why 'Why' is the lead single off the EP-- the catchy, mind-blowing song is bursting with buoyant energy and beats straight out of the '80s. These same dazzling techniques are replicated on 'Shame', another track that incorporates slices of new wave, electro-pop, techno and even bits of folktronica into the percussion work.

While the upbeat, synth-pop dance anthems are automatically likeable, listeners will feel drawn towards the slower, instrumentally driven pieces like 'Yes' and 'Vanya' as well. Although they are shorter in length, these tracks collectively embody the comforts of seclusion, warmly buzzing as they emit sweet nectar into our ears. 'David Wessels' winds up the creepy merry-go-round that we know we should get off out of pure fear, but we don't want to stop spinning so the track switches over to 'Life Way Up From'.

Alas, the EP ends on the morbid and melancholic 'Years', a haunting track drowned in the echoes of a menacing piano. While the desperate yearning for companionship lurks on the surface, there is also a strong sense of detachment and disinterest underneath it all.

Evidently, the Worth EP was quite literally worth the wait. Even though he has cloaked himself from the outside world, the future looks bright for Mas Ysa if he continues to let us in, slowly but surely.