Mass Gothic, the husband and wife duo of Noel Heroux and Jessica Zambri, recently announced that they will be releasing a new album called I've Tortured You Long Enough on Sub Pop on August 31st. Previous single 'J.Z.O.K.' was a buoyant affair, coupled with a video expressing their deep adoration of each other. This time around they have released the slower 'How I Love You', which takes a more direct approach to their loving bond.

As you'd expect, 'How I Love You' is a pure love song, led this time by Jessica Zambri. Over spare guitar chords she expresses her simple but deeply personal feelings regarding her life partner, as she watches him leave for the day and feels the pain in her heart as he recedes from her. As drums and distorted guitar are added to the song, it only intensifies the feeling of the deep love that is being expressed in the song. Check it out below.

Mass Gothic's second album I've Tortured You Long Enough comes out through Sub Pop on August 31st - pre-order here.