New Orleans artist Matt Seferian has a new LP coming out next month for his fantastic collaborative project Matt Surfin' & Friends. That self-titled record -- made with friends from bands like Pope, Ratboys, Sharks' Teeth, Video Age, Lawn, Bent Denim, Donovan Wolfington and more -- contains 11 tracks of charming, laidback indie rock, exploring a wide variety of sounds and genres. The project's new single 'Truth' exemplifies this group's ability to meld styles, resulting in a song that is equal parts dreamy and wistful.

According to Seferian, 'Truth' was originally a composition by Tyler Scurlock of Sharks' Teeth, whose signature synths can heard sprinkled throughout the track. "When he played the song for me, I immediately fell in love," says Seferian.

Scurlock let Seferian run with the track for the upcoming Matt Surfin' record, granting permission for Seferian's only stipulation: "I want that bass to be funky." And, thanks to Nashville bassist Ben Littlejohn, that bass is pretty fucking funky.

You can listen to 'Truth' from Matt Surfin' & Friends up above and you can pre-order the project's self-titled debut, due out on May 3 via Community Records and Muscle Beach, right here.