Matt Surfin' & Friends is a fascinating collaborative project headed up by Matt Seferian of New Orleans. Working in concert with musicians from a number of other projects -- Pope, Ratboys, Sharks' Teeth, Video Age, Lawn, Bent Denim, Donovan Wolfington and more -- the project is preparing to release a self-titled debut LP on May 3. The record's lovely brand of laidback rock is sure to win over plenty of listeners, as evidenced by the carefree charm of new single 'Get Down.'

"This song is a collaborative effort between Rui Gabriel and I," says Seferian. "Rui came to me with the idea and we hammered out the song and lyrics together. Nick [Corson] stopped by shortly after and helped solidify the idea/feel of the song. We convinced Rui to sing the verses in Portuguese. After a 4-hour period in which we wrote and recorded the song, it was done. It was a natural and fun collaborative experience.

"If I had to say what the song was about I would say it’s about feeling out of place," he continues. "It’s normal to feel out of place and I think most people feel that way. This song is about that feeling and also acknowledging those feelings."

You can watch the video for 'Get Down' from Matt Surfin' & Friends up above, stream the song down below, and you can pre-order the project's self-titled debut, due out on May 3 via Community Records and Muscle Beach, right here.