Label: Communion Music Release date: 11/04/10 Website: Myspace Fresh from a UK tour supporting Mumford & Sons, the debut EP by Matt Hegarty and his band The Atlas is a delightful folky affair, with each song slowly sneaking up on the unsuspecting listener. Lead track 'I Will Remaini is a fine example of this, starting with just Hegarty’s voice and a gentle, lilting guitar line, the country-tinged track throws in handclaps and uptempo percussion to become the soundtrack for the world’s gentlest hoedown. Hegarty is blessed with a terrific voice, raw yet conveying an experience beyond his years, and he is complemented by his backing band, be it the ghostly backing vocals on 'Vein Of Your History' or the hint of brass giving a distinctly British sound on the same song. Closing track 'In Winter' is the highlight, a haunting melody builds up to a false ending before climaxing with an epic crescendo which brings to an end a fine first offering from a talent to look out for. Photobucket