It was a year yesterday that Matthew E. White's debut solo album, Big Inner, was released via Hometapes and Spacebomb Records. Seemingly to celebrate, the man who gave us 2013's biggest, warmest hug of the year so far with a worldwide re-release of the very same album, is about to release the Big Inner: Outer Face Edition expanded package. The package will feature not only Big Inner, but a separate 5-track EP as well, and is scheduled for release on October 22nd, 2013 on Domino Records.

As a way of promoting that EP, Mr. White has unveiled a new track: 'Hot Hot Hot'. As you'd expect, it's everything that made Big Inner such a welcoming listen as female choirs loiter in the background as White's almost whispered delivery, finger-plucked basslines and light percussion add delicate touches here and there. But as the track edges closer and closer towards its climax, a guitar distorted beyond recognition fuzzes furiously over Matthew E. White's usual brand of soulful, jazz-influenced rock until the very end. Although Matthew E. White's Big Inner did have a touch of the Barry Whites about it, 'Hot Hot Hot' really takes that smooth, breathy, irresistible intimacy to pelvic-thrusting levels.

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