We're pretty certain that Mausi, the fresh-faced pop foursome from Milan via, erm, Newcastle, are going to be huge. For such a new discovery, their ever-growing arsenal of ridiculously brilliant dancefloor fillers ('Move' literally drags you into its irresistible groove) are nothing short of astonishing.

So, if you're curious to hear what inspired Mausi to mash up Solange's 'Losing You' with 'Say My Name' with beautifully subtle results - well, read on.

MAUSI (plus very special guests) play The Hoxton Plaza (formerly Hoxton Bar & Kitchen) on Tuesday September 3rd.

1. Saint Pepsi - 'Skylar Spence': I've been starting DJ sets with this track recently. It sets the tone... The vibe is everything we try to put into a MAUSI track. Playful, summery and dancey but with a little laid-back chill. And so much groove.

2. Flight Facilities - 'Crave You': So laid-back, so cute. And the video is beautiful.

3. Lemaitre - 'Cut to Black': I hope that one day we can write a song with half this much charm and cool. Effortless summer vibes.

4. Moon Boots - 'Love Strong': This has such a 90s House feel. It's everything I grew up on but with a modern shine. That piano at 1:23 gets me every time.

5. Stardust - 'Music Sounds Better With You': The best dance song ever written.

6. The XX - 'Finally' (Kings of Tomorrow cover): This is perfect for late night drives when we’re touring. One of my favourite old dance tracks reworked in such a magical way. Jamie XX is all over this.

7. Disclosure - 'You and Me (Flume remix)': Remixes don’t really seem to have the same flare as they did a few years ago but this is magical.

8. Poolside - 'Do You Believe?': We first came across this track when we were writing 'Sol' - 18 months ago - and it really helped us figure out what we wanted to do with our sound. I still come back to it. It's so simple and perfect.

9. London Grammar - 'Metal and Dust': Hannah Reid has one of the best new voices out there. Completely breathtaking.

10. Dornik - 'Something About You': Sooooooo smooth and sexy.