Young Austrian rapper and singer Mavi Phoenix has proven one of the most impactful, exciting and unpredictable new talents in the last couple of years. In the last few months she has released the introspective 'Yellow' and the vicious 'Bite', showing the varying sides of her effervescent personality. Today she completes a trilogy by releasing 'Trends', along with its retro video.

"’Trends’ was the first song I wrote shortly after the Young Prophet EP release - describing my mental status at that time, feeling super empowered by having my team and my own label LLT Records. I wanted to break out and do my own kind of punk song," Mavi explains.

While maybe not traditionally 'punk' in its sonics, Mavi Phoenix's indifference to the titular 'Trends' makes her an electric presence that stands up for individuality - so it's undoubtedly punk on those terms. The punchiness of the beats in 'Trends' bolsters this self-confidence, and the feedback loop is completed by an emphatic and characterful vocal performance from Phoenix, flowing between various vocal ticks and dextrously hopping around the song's insistent bounce. The video emphasises her assuredness even further, taking the form of grainy 90s MTV interview, in which Phoenix's enthusiasm and charisma gradually takes hold. She bumps and flows her way through the song while being questioned, until she's fully engrossed in the performance by the end of the "interview."

Speaking on the genesis of the video, Phoenix tells us: "We had studio time in South Africa and discovered this insanely white, desolated and super windy beach in Cape Town... I started playing 'Trends' very loud through a boombox - it was kind of a magic moment - that's where we recorded the video then, during sunset."

Catch Mavi Phoenix on tour:

July 27 : Juicy Beats Festival, Dortmund (DE)
August 2-29 : Szene Openair, Alter Rhein Lustenau (DE)
August 17-19 : MS Dockville, Hamburg (DE)
October 5-6 : Spring Attitude Festival, Rome (IT)
October 22 : Vega, Copenhagen (DK)
November 15 : Yuca, Cologne (DE)
November 16 : Kantine am Berghain, Berlin (DE)
November 17 : Turmzimmer, Hamburg (DE)
November 20 : Rockhouse, Salzburg (AT)
November 21 : PPC, Graz (AT)
November 22 : Flex, Vienna (AT)
November 23 : p.m.k, Innsbruck (AT)
November 24 : Posthof Linz (AT)
November 28 : Pop Up!, Paris (FR)
November 29 : Sidecar, Barcelona (ES)
November 30 : Changó, Madrid (ES)
December 1 : Dabadaba, San Sebastian (ES)
December 5 : Ampere, Munich (DE)