Mavi Phoenix is having a good week: after picking up Austria’s prestigious FM4 Amadeus Award she has now shared a blast of a new track called 'Romantic Mode'. She says of the track:

“I dedicate ‘Romantic Mode’ to the inexplicable feeling you have when falling in love, when all you wanna do is spend time with that person. In these moments love has the power to make me forget about all the crazy, scary stuff happening in our world."

Always enthusiastic about the subject of her attention, whether it's positive or negative (remember 'Bite'?), it's nice to hear Mavi in unabashedly happy stance on 'Romantic Mode'. While probably not the kind of song that's going to set a romantic mood, 'Romantic Mode' is overloaded with love and affection, which come blasting out from Mavi's effervescent vocals and the popping production which accompanies them. Whoever the person that Mavi's singing about in 'Romantic Mode', we can feel jealous that they've inspired such a ray of sunshine from the fascinating artist.