22-year old Mavi Phoenix has been making bigger and bigger waves for a little while now, with each subsequent release, culminating in the elastic 'Yellow' released last month. With each step towards a bigger audience, she has also seen more and more criticism, which is the subject of her new song 'Bite'.

“I've been doing music all my life and for the most part people have been supportive. But when I stepped on to a bigger audience and appeared on bigger platforms, I started being confronted with uglier and more personal criticism” explains Mavi. “Maybe such "big" opinions and jealousy are just part of our digital culture nowadays, and of course part of this business. I won't stop or change, nobody should. While these "snakes bite me daily" I'm concentrating on creating what I think is good music and empower my fans with the positive energy I feel on this track”.

Accordingly, 'Bite' is a punchy and invasive bass-heavy number, with Phoenix practically swaggering through her verses, completely irreverent - "she don't ever fuck with the scene." When it comes to the chorus she takes aim straight at faceless critics, labelling them "snakes" and pronouncing herself fearless in the fight. This surely leaves these "snakes" in no doubt as to who had the last bite.

Mavi Phoenix took inspiration from an iconic video for the visual accompaniment to 'Bite': “I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ video” explains Mavi, “and I always wanted to do a green screen video, but obviously in my own style.” Watch it below.

Mavi Phoenix is currently on tour at festivals across Europe, catch her at these dates:

May 30th – Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
June 1st – Rock am Ring, Nürburg, Germany
June 2rd – Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Germany
June 8th – Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal
June 9th – Radar Festival, Milano, Italy
June 29th – Kosmonaut Festival, Chemnitz, Germany
July 7th – Roskilde, Denmark
July 13 – Melt Festival, Gräfenhainchen, Germany
July 27th – Juicy Beats Festival, Dortmund, Germany
August 2nd – 29th Szene Openair, Alter Rhein Lustenau
August 17th – 19th – MS Dockville, Hamburg, Germany