Mavi Phoenix is a Vienna-based producer and rapper who is climbing her way through the underground production scenes of Europe, and proving herself to be an impressive force along the way. Last year she released Young Prophet, a debut EP which showed her mutli-cultural influences, genre-hopping abilities and her indomitable personality.

Today Mavi Phoenix returns with 'Yellow', a song born of frustration, as she explains: “I produced ‘YELLOW’ this winter in Berlin with LUKA in his super cold flat... The song came along very quickly after a proper studio session was cancelled - I was looking for some brightness to get over the grey Berlin atmosphere. ‘YELLOW’ has a mellow production, representing not happy times, but I want to give people warmth and brightness to feel good in bittersweet moments, kind like a sun.. Things can go wrong but the light will come back. Pain is not forever.”

You can hear Mavi audibly dragging brightness into her life on 'Yellow', with ultra-perky production, playful pitch-shifted vocals and an utterly irresistible hook. If anything, 'Yellow' proves that happiness and productivity is more a case of mind over matter than reliant on circumstance. Just put this one on whenever you need inspiration to push you through greyness.

Mavi Phoenix will be doing some extensive touring around Europe in the coming months, catch her at these dates:

April 20 – Enea Spring Break Showcase Festival & Conference, Miasto Poznań, Poland
May 9th – Red Bull Music Festival Wien, Wiener Prater, Austria
May 17th – The Great Escape, Brighton, UK
May 26th - Pémices Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland
May 30th – Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
June 1st – Rock am Ring, Nürburg, Germany
June 2rd – Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Germany
June 8th – Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal
June 9th – Radar Festival, Milano, Italy
June 29th – Kosmonaut Festival, Chemnitz, Germany
July 13 – Melt Festival, Gräfenhainchen, Germany
July 27th – Juicy Beats Festival, Dortmund, Germany
August 2nd – 29th Szene Openair, Alter Rhein Lustenau
August 17th – 19th – MS Dockville, Hamburg, Germany