To say the least, it's been a journey. Marta Casanova, aka MAVICA, hails from Cartagena, Spain. Her pursuit of music has taken her from living in Barcelona and Madrid in her home country, to the seemingly inevitable call of a period of discovery in Berlin, and, finally, to London. At least for now, eh?

Here in the UK, she's been hard at work on her debut EP, which she finally reveals properly today. Gone is, quite simply, the effort she's been chasing through all her travels. Things have not been what MAVICA expected along the way.

Excited, like any of us would be, to finally dig into the promised freedom of the Berlin experience, she found herself in the grips of a particularly cruel, vindictive landlord, entering the city in the lonely, frozen pale of winter.

This unexpectedly harsh genesis birthed her debut single, which we're pleased to premiere today. 'Fire', in Casanova's own words, grapples with, "“being strong, finishing what you have to do without giving up even if terrible things happen on the way”. Weighty struggles for music that can feel so effortlessly light: her brand of pop folk is influenced from artists as disparate as Bon Iver to Amy Whinehouse, and it makes for an intriguing mixture.

'Fire' somehow evokes both an ethereal, hazy calm and a deep sense of struggle and loss; careful listening too early in the morning, it just might floor you. Check out the video below, and look out for Gone soon.