London newcomer MAX RAD is already fast gathering an audience, and his latest video is only sure to bring in all the more eyes and ears.

The visual for 'Rumours' is deceptively simple: an empty house, and three fantastic dancers. What transpires can only be described as freeing. Any further words of mine will only dilute your experience.

It all came together when MAX played the song for choreographer Megan Westpfel. She, as a press release explained, "was inspired to tell her story as a raw portrayal of herself and fellow dancers’ (Kikz Katika & Ellie Harulow) early life adversity's. The ramifications of abuse, depression, domestic violence, all of which we see how they've individually battled with and prevailed. The video's ending was to show a unified hope for others who have had similar struggles."

Of the video, MAX RAD says, "I thought the interpretation was perfect, Megan’s work has so much emotion in it, she captures the sentiment of the music so well.” Check it out below.