Rising producer MAX RAD has released his second new single of 2019, 'String On Me', which follows up his wintry jam 'Flesh & Blood'. The temperature has palpably increased in the sweltering atmosphere of 'String On Me', but MAX RAD's mood is harder to shift:

"I was feeling pretty sick of living in the city and the lyrics came out of that, the feeling of boredom that comes with feeling stressed the whole time.”

His mood clouds the track from the opening moments, as he complains about working all the time and finding it hard to breathe. Regardless, MAX RAD can't deny the warmth outside, and he has produced rays of pure sunshine shine through the gloom and tempt his imagination. Before long MAX is in crooning mood, expressing his desire for an idyllic escape with the perfect romantic partner and having all the time in the world. This intoxicating fantasy couples with the beats as 'String On Me' bounces up off its back and into a downright sunny season boogie.

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