"It's an eight-hour lullaby," says Max Richter on his new album SLEEP. The new piece of work will be released both in its mammoth 8-hour-long form as well as a shortened hour-long version. "You could say that the short one is meant to be listened to and the long one is meant to be heard while sleeping," says Richter.

It all stems from an obsession with sleep: "We spend a third of our lives asleep and it's always been one of my favourite things, ever since I was a child," he explains. He also consulted eminent American neuroscientist David Eagleman to learn how the brain functions whilst asleep, using this as a guideline for how he should compose his piece.

"For me, SLEEP is an attempt to see how that space when your conscious mind is on holiday can be a place for music to live," he sums up. Watch a trailer below.

It will be performed live in Berlin this September, where the audience will be given beds (no joke) instead of seats. We love this idea. (We also love sleeping).

The hour-long version will be available to on CD, vinyl and digital, whilst the 8-hour SLEEP will just be available to download. Both are out on Deutsche Grammophon, 4th September.