Released on 27th January 2014, Max Richter's Memoryhouse live at the Barbican Hall sees the light of day over a decade after its first release on BBC's Late Junction label.

Performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra and conducted by André de Ridder, the LP has long been a beacon of post-classical arrangement, and fans have been waiting a long time for a worthy re-release.

Offered in heavyweight 180gm vinyl and with extended artwork on the gatefold sleeve, the strictly limited one-off run is already in high demand.

With nods towards composers like Henryk Górecki, Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Michael Nyman and Steve Reich, the crossover appeal of Richter's work sees fans of Sigur Rós and Godspeed You! Black Emperor count themselves among his audience members.

The pieces themselves are explorations of true and imaginary stories, from an ode to Laika, the first living creature to orbit the earth, to a piece dedicated to Jan Sweelinck, a Dutch composer.

Max says of the LP: "I have always listened to a broad range of music. In my early teens I was listening to a lot of classical standard repertoire as well as 20th century work. During this time I also built and customised analogue electronic instruments and was immersed in the early electronic music scene."