I listened to The Blue Notebooks every night for about two years. It became a bit of a problem. I couldn't sleep until the aching cry of 'On The Nature Of Daylight' had first filled the room. The music of Max Richter came to be something like a warm blanket for a small child, something I could hold close and return to at the end of each day, a steady comforting presence in the midst of my ever changing world. So when Richter announced that he would be releasing an eight-hour lullaby called Sleep, I became nearly delirious with excitement, probably too much to actually get any sleep. The idea that Richter was steering my brain through its murky depths, without me having any control, was somehow comforting. I was happy to relinquish control and hand him the keys.

Now, Richter has commissioned a series of remixes of the various parts of Sleep, which will be released digitally on Friday, with vinyl following next month, available to pre-order here. One of the remixers is the infallible Marconi Union, who created the wonderful piece of music, Weightless, which hits many of the spots as Richter himself. As you can hear below, they've managed to take the near nine minute 'Dream 13' and turn it into a playful journey through your thoughts. You'd have to be made of strong stuff to tackle songs that were meant to redress the intent of music itself, but they have, and in doing it they've created an imaginative, enjoyable and upbeat response to the original piece.

  • Max Richter will be performing in the UK at these places:
  • Saturday 14th May - Bristol, Colston Hall
  • Tuesday 17th May - London, Barbican
  • Wednesday 18th May - London Barbican (Extra Show)
  • Thursday 19th May - Norwich, Norfolk & Norwich Festival
  • Saturday 21st May - Manchester, RNCM
  • Tuesday 24th May - Edinburgh, Usher Hall
  • Sunday 29th May - Dublin National Concert Hall