Maxmillion Dunbar has unveiled new track from his forthcoming RVNG Intl. released album, House Of Woo.

Dunbar, who is better known for being one half of Beautiful Swimmers, sheds some light on the way he composes:

I make a lot of tracks by sticking on a loop forever, letting it live and breathe as long as it needs to. I keep all of the pieces I'm working on balanced, floating in the air. If it doesn't take minutes to stand up, it takes weeks."

Combine that way of functioning with the fact that he shares a roster with the likes of Blondes and Holly Herndon (who join him at 285 Kent in Brooklyn NY this Friday for a show) and you should get a pretty good idea of how 'Woo' will sounds like (hint: it's glorious).

House of Woo is released on February 18th in the UK (February 19th US/World).

  • 1. Slave To The Vibe
  • 2. Woo
  • 3. Coins For The Canopy
  • 4. The Figurine (Nod Mix)
  • 5. Inca Tags
  • 6. For Mozy
  • 7. Ice Room Graffiti
  • 8. Peeling An Orange In One Piece
  • 9. Loving The Drift
  • 10. World Taste Sweet (Stuck In The Middle)
  • 11. Kangaroo