Maybeshewill have shared with us a very comprehensive photo diary of life on the road. There's cats, baby pandas, weird food and skydives. What more could you ask for?

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Photo Above: The 'before' photo. Us and our venerable Front of House Engineer preparing to fly to Kiev, in the midst of an invasion of sorts by Russia... We'd been furiously refreshing the government travel advice page for Ukraine for weeks running up to this.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillRussia is a spectacular country. So much impressive architecture from the Soviet era and back to the Romanovs. Tour schedules mean most of the sightseeing we do is from van windows though...

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillEvery night John takes a photo of the crowd from the stage. Here is Moscow.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillA short walk from the Moscow venue we found a celebration for the city's birthday. Apparently city's have those in Russia.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillWe made it to the river Volga - for which one of the tracks on our new record is named. Pretty tasty looking selection of delicacies here.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillJamie getting shown how to shell crabs by the old head of the local football hooligans on the banks of the Volga in Samara.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillThis guy had one of the most incredible tattoos of our album artwork we've ever seen. He spoke for a good while about what the record had meant to him. It's an incredibly humbling thing to experience.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillRussia means travelling by night train in order to cover some of the enormous distances. This trip involved 25 hours across Siberia. Fortunately this means that unlike a tour bus, you can take a wander to the dinner car every so often.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillWe took this at one of the Siberian railway stations arriving in the early morning. Freezing cold, but phenomenally bright.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillA bit more soviet Architecture here, this time in Yekaterinburg.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillSome more unconventional tour transport here. Just put your guitars in this trailer, and the guy will bomb it down some of the worst roads we've ever seen at 80mph. Terrifying times.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillFrom Russia we head on to China. First stop, Chengdu Panda Sanctuary.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillBaby Pandas. And Robin. Say no more.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillFood in China is incredible, for the most part...

Tour Diary: Maybeshewill...And it comes in enormous quantities. It's considered rude to not provide your guests with enough food that they can slip quietly in to a coma.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillShanghai. The biggest show we'll play on this leg of the tour, in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillIt's relatively common for venues to have cool-ass cats kicking about around the place. This guy lives at Wuhan Vox Live House. Sexy.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillMore weird food. A bit of Squid in Taipei.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillA Rare day sightseeing - A little trip to Taipei 101, which is one of the few man made structures taller than Matt, our keyboard player.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillOn to Australia and we hit a koala sanctuary. This koala, in Brisbane, is actually a kangaroo though. On the right. The other guy is John.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillObligatory Sydney Opera House holiday snap.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillThe Fair Youth tour so far involved 17 flights, or 17 and a half for Jamie who finished the Australian leg of the tour by jumping out of a plane.

Tour Diary: MaybeshewillBack home to the UK and we start the second leg of the tour around Europe with a sell out show at The Garage - something we never ever imagined we'd be able to do. It's been a crazy month-and-a-half already, and the tour doesn't finish until Christmas...