There’s nothing quite like a good album launch, ay? The buzz, the excitement, the nerves, the anticipation, the just saying you were there at the start of potentially a blossoming career. So when I got the opportunity to see Mayors of Miyazaki celebrating the release of their first proper album Buffalo!, huzzah thought I. One quick check of the flyer before I leave... ‘Mayors of Miyazaki – LAST EVER GIG TONIGHT’. Oh. For a band that specialise in energy infused short-sharp songs (album Buffalo! measures in at a mere 25 minutes), it is perhaps apt that they themselves have become so short-lived.

The south London trio are as lively, if not more so, in the flesh than on record, bursting full of well-directed noise. They manage to be very tight, and by God they have to be to maintain those fabulous precise but off-kilter angular guitar licks and breaks; This despite lead singer Gareth bemoaning the lack of rehearsal time at one point. The Mayors are suited to The Miller’s intimate, attic based feel, as am I as a photographer, enabling me to almost encroach onto the stage. I’m sure they loved that. Baloot! goes down particularly well, a perfect showcase for their post-hardcore, bouncing ADHD yet melodic sound. The equivalent of being given a shot of adrenaline, spiked with testosterone straight to the testicles. The satisfying behemoth Beggar wears like a monk clocks in at over 5 minutes, an oddity in the world of Mayors. But it manages to work perfectly in the context of the gig, the last half of the song repeating the same riff over and over but slower and slower each time until it almost comes to a complete stop.

Despite having had longer relationships with cartons of milk in my refrigerator than with Mayors of Miyazaki, it remains a great shame that a band of such enthusiasm and energy has split so soon. Rest assured, all three members will have projects for the future I have been informed, something to look forward to. In the mean time, I recommend a visit over to to download their now free, now posthumous album Buffalo! But arguably most of all I’ll miss those ridiculous song titles, how can one not laugh at Force Feeding Morrissey a Bacon Sandwich?