Anyone who's worked in an environment where's there's a security camera, let alone somebody in the glare of the world's media spotlight, knows not to dick around. Which is why there is now a palm shaped bruise on my forehead after hearing that Senator John McCain (former Presidential candidate, Republican and POW) was snapped by the Washington Post playing poker on his smartphone while his colleagues debated the sensitive issue of whether to launch a military strike on Syria.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

We've all had boring days at work. We've all had to sit through meetings that seem to go on forever. However, when you're deciding the fate of people's lives, innocent or otherwise, put your phone away. Has life become so cheap to these people that they'll barely engage in the decision to snuff it out? The next hand can wait until after you've decided whether or not to rain down holy hellfire on a country thousands of miles away, John.

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