The music of Sophie, PC Music associate and one-time-producer for Madonna, has just been used in an advert for McDonald's.

From obscurity to skyrocketing curio, to truly upper echelons of fame, Sophie's song 'Lemonade' has transcended the internet and made it's way onto real life television. It's on an ad for McDonald's and yes, it's for a new brand of fruit-riddled lemonade. It's as if the track had been written specially for the fast food chain – do you think they literally just googled "songs about lemonade" or "lemonade songs" and found Sophie's bubbly ode to this fizzy beverage?

Watch it below.

(The title of the video is in reference to something else, since the person who posted it doesn't know the Sophie song. As one commenter put it: "OP is clearly not up to date on their post-ironic electronic meme music psh what a pleb." And another – why not? – said: "Whoever posted this is an idiot. This is a song by PC music artist Sophie that came out in Aug of 2014. Do your research fam!").