Me Not You are a NYC duo creeping their way to the top of the blogosphere and into the hearts of new fans. They're not newcomers though. They used to go by the name Little Daylight. But with a new name comes a new attitude.

Me Not You's latest single is 'Kill the Noise', and we can't get enough of it. The guitars are distorted, but not too much, and Nikki's voice is dreamy, but still exposes the bedrock of pure rock n roll. 'Kill the Noise' has a definite '90s vibe, but there are just enough electronic atmospherics and glitches to let you know this song is fresh.

So, check out the track below and be awash in the goodness that is 'Kill the Noise'.

You can catch Me Not You debuting their live show on tour with Palms

May 8 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
May 9 - Philadelphia, PA - Milk Boy
May 12 - Washington, DC - DC9