This year has been a turbulent one for festivals and no more so it seems than for Meadowlands Festival in Sussex. A letter obtained by Music Week reveals organisers have been forced to tell managers that they cannot currently pay their artists for performing at the three day event last month.

Acts such as Speech Debelle (pictured), Lamb, Fink, Skinny Lester and Rough Fields all played the festival in Glynde Place, East Sussex and directors wrote "right now, we have no available funds" however, "we have at present paid all of the infrastructure costs as a priority to ensure that we can put the festival on again next year, we are relying on the generosity of our investors to show faith and help us to achieve this".

The emphasis of the correspondence seems to highlight a desire for this not to be the end of the festival continuing to read "The [lost] money will take time to recoup as the Directors are presently arranging funds, not only to pay outstanding bills from this years festival but hopefully, to make Meadowlands 2013 a reality." Directors also insist they will fulfill payment to artists but ask for patience while the look to underwrite the investments personally so as to "ensure that the company does not go bankrupt, which if it does, there are no winners."

This follows the early closure of Bloc Festival in London last month and the plug being pulled on Sonisphere due to poor ticket sales earlier in the year. We'll be publishing a report later in the year asking some serious questions about festivals - talking to fans, musicians and organisers to determine where festivals go wrong and why.