On a scale of 1 to Highly Listenably Watchable, we'd say that the brand new Meadowlark video scores impressively well. A lazy description of their latest track, 'Quicksand', would stop at "moody", whereas a more detailed exploration of it may also suggest that it layers a careful, nuanced ballad-of-sorts with an eerie trippy-ness and a chilling beauty. And Kate and Dan's accompanying visuals for the song stop at no less than that.

As Dan comes from a film background, it made sense for him to direct the video. He tells The 405: "'Quicksand' was a difficult one to conceptualise. At first we went to other directors for ideas because my mind couldn't escape the fact that this song is a very literal account from a person in Pakistan. We had dozens of incredible ideas from really talented directors but nothing quite translated the feelings embedded within the song. It was then I realised that 'Quicksand' needed to be more of a mood film, it needed to translate the emotions within the lyrics into surreal and metaphorical visuals."

The duo transformed an emotional story into a song after reading an account on Humans of New York. Each scene in the video is intended to represent an emotion from the story.

We asked Dan to share his insight into these emotions: "The beach scene represents the illusion of freedom and probably why a lot of this goes unnoticed in Pakistan, none of the prisoners are chained up, but through threats and fear they are not free to walk away from the brick kilns. The bedroom scene shows instability and unbalance at home. Even the feathers stand for something but l'll leave your minds to decode the rest of the video."

For Meadowlark, choosing a visual aesthetic to help create a more surreal world in an otherwise seemingly normal one was crucial. In this case, they chose super slow motion, which essentially allows us, the audience, to see every emotion from the character in detail.