Meek Mill has finally (it's only been a few days to be fair) responded to Drake with his own "diss track" ('Beautiful Nightmare' doesn't count).

Some things you need to know:

1. Meek Mill is a fairly decent rapper. He's considered "legitimate" because he says he writes his own lyrics.

2. Drake is a strong rapper, but apparently employs ghostwriters for the "occasional" lyric.

3 "Occasional" is the word people are stuck on. People want to know the percentages, that's the debate (reference tracks have been unearthed, but are quickly being deleted).

4. Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne and Ghostface Killah are just some of the "greats" that have been accused of hiring ghostwriters. The difference is, Drake gave his writers some (masked) credits.

5. Meek Mill's response was a mess. Drake's response was masterful. If we're to assume Drake didn't get any help with 'Back to Back' (it's a fair assumption), he proved he could turn around a witty track at the drop of a dime. Meek Mill proved he could turn up to the party late, five of the six-pack missing, masking a valid point with slurred confusion.

6. Drake was never going to lose. It's not a fair fight. Especially given its foundation (Meek was upset that Drake didn't tweet about his new album).

7. I like the idea of a rap Magic Circle.