Meet Charlotte Turnbull. Or rather, say hello once again to Charlotte Turnbull. There's a chance you'll remember her name from the UK version of The Voice where she won the heart of Rita Ora back in 2015 and although she didn't go on to win, she's continuing to do what she does best on her own and in her own way.

After sharing a series of tracks online and winning support from the likes of MTV, Complex as well as radio love from Radar Radio, Turnbull releases her stunning debut EP Making My Way. Collectively, the EP is a concise effort of solid R&B, soul-infused tracks, partly inspired by her early inspirations (think Aaliyah, SWV etc) and partly inspired by her own journey through life music and relationships but it's the HedJet-produced 'Share My Feelings' that stood out to us in particular. "Share My Feelings is actually pretty old, like nearly two years old in fact," Charlotte told us via email. "I wrote the song when I was in love but wasn't sure how to 'Share My Feelings' with that person... writing a song seemed the perfect way to get my feelings across at the time, its just so great that people enjoy listening to it as well."

'Share My Feelings' and the Making My Way EP are both streaming now via SoundCloud.