While there are plenty of boxes for streaming stuff to your TV, your Apple TVs and whatnot, there's a fair bit lacking in the audio department. Sonos are pretty good for streaming your music anywhere in the house through a decent sound system but, really, for the cash-strapped among us, it's a fair chunk of change to get one of those in your house. Luckily, social-wifi company Fon have revealed their new Gramofon device which allows your to stream music to your existing sound systems and costs under $100.

Once your device is hooked up to the internet you can then stream music from Spotify (and no doubt, eventually, a number of other options) to any of your sound systems. Like with Chromecast, you simply select what you want to stream from your phone and the box does the rest, saving plenty of battery life that using Bluetooth or AirPlay would ordinarily suck up in minutes. The "social" bit comes into play when your friends sign up to your wi-fi, which they can without a password as long as you have them as a friend on Facebook, and they can queue up songs to play themselves, much like the social jukebox apps you can sometimes use in bars to save you having to waste £1 at the actual jukebox to queue up a song that doesn't get played until after you've left.

It's definitely a new world for Fon, who normally deal in wi-fi routers. "We're established in social WiFi, but we're certainly not established in music. We're like a startup," says Fon CEO Martin Varsavsky, which is why they have taken to Kickstarter to see if it's a product the public would want. R&D is all but finished so now is the time to gauge whether it's actually a viable product which, judging from the reactions from the music lovers on my Twitter feed, it definitely seems to be. With backers able to pre-order the Gramofon from a mere $30 (the retail version will start at $60), it seems like a fun and, most importantly, cheap alternative to streaming music.

Source: The Next Web