He's a Kung-Fu renegade cop. That's how the ambitious Kung Fury movie gets introduced. In wonderful eighties action movie culture style, combined with modern technics of today, Lazer Unicorns is onto something rather special here. Overblown kitsch and stunts where no stuntman has ever dared to go before, all re-enacted, mainly through the magic of the green screen.

Artistically this movie is breathing a next level arcade street-fighter-style in its finest hours. A young, crime-solving renegade cop is sent back in time to defeat the Kung Führer (yes, non other than Adolf Hitler, who in this alternate reality is portrayed as a Kung Fu master!) but gets sent back to the wrong timezone, the era of the vikings… He calls upon Thor to help him on his mission. Obviously, all this is done in overblown proportions, which makes this project even more fascinating.

The Swedish connection. It all started as a fun project by the brainchild-director David Sandberg, a young yet ambitious Swedish director with lots of experience, under the collective umbrella of Lazer Unicorns. Initially invested by his own money, he took the time and effort to chase his dream, called upon his friends and produced this crime-solving action movie script. Besides his own funding and scriptwriting skills, Sandberg also stars as the movie's lead role. Further more, he also pays tribute to Nordic culture such as the Viking-age, with the soundtrack handled by contemporary '80s electro producers Lost Years and Mitch Murder, both Swedish.

With over three million views of the trailer in the first few days of launching, their Kickstarter campaign is already a huge success. Worldwide, people are getting involved with the project and now a new campaign has been launched in order raise the budget even more, with the goal of getting this thing in the cinema.

Kung Fury is hosting additional screenings and you can help to make it happen in your city of choice. Will it be Montreal, London, Paris or New York… who knows? If you want this historical, epic movie to be realised than you can help by donating to the project or simply sharing this on all your social media outlets.

Get involved here.

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