Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom (founder of Megaupload) has announced he'll be forming a political party ahead of the New Zealand general elections this year. The party is to be named Megaparty (a direct reference to the file sharing website he founded), and while its purpose is still unclear (as a German-born he can't run for election), he launched the party's first ideas via Twitter:

"My political party will activate non-voters, the youth, the Internet electorate. We are going to make politics exciting," Dotcom tweeted. "Get ready for low blows and smear against me and my political party. My attackers are worried. They should be. We will get more than 5%."

"Where the government is supposed to serve us, the people, we are paying with our taxes that they do a good job for us," he explained during an interview to Vice. "And look what they do, they undermine our rights, they destroy our freedoms, they censor our internet - so we are the ones who have to bring that change. And that's why I get involved in politics, because I'm fucking tired of this nonsense."

Megaparty will launch a website and mobile app next week to start signing up party members. Dotcom says he already has candidates (for New Zealand law requires political parties to have at least 500 paid members), but prefers to keep their identity as a secret: "As you can imagine, everybody wants to know."

Source: FACT