Back in February we brought you 'Coming Back Again', the debut single from London's Meggie Brown; a short and sharp post-punk affair with plenty of dynamism and guile. It showed an artist with a natural flair, magnetism and prowess, and with the likes of Edwyn Collins and Alex Kapranos helping her in the studio, it ensured Meggie Brown was one to keep an eye on. Today she finally returns with another new song called '10/6' (10 out of 6), which sees her turning her feisty wit towards mental health.

Meggie Brown tells us that the '10/6' is about "Mental health and all the chaos that we all quietly deal with day to day yet find hard to open up about despite all being in the same boat. You find yourself moving to a surreal place behind the eyes, you can see travel in others eyes passing through places of nostalgia and torment. Amendment of friendship within yourself. Encouragement to let go of mistakes, to keep moving and cross your own private bridge before you’re pushed off it. Until you do, it's 10/6."

The track begins with a suggestively creeping post-punk gait, with Brown laying out her views simply: "how can you be fine all of the time?" The answer, of course, is that you can't, but this viewpoint is rife in society - and Brown is here to tear it down with her unequivocal and sardonic lyricism. Given ample propulsion by accelerating guitars and drums, Brown turns the idea of defeat to your inner struggles into an unlikely moment of catharsis - and ultimate victory. Check it out below.

'10/6' is out now digitally, and will see physical release through Hate Hate Hate Records on October 20th. Follow Meggie Brown on Instagram and Facebook.