As we mentioned earlier today, we couldn't make it to NOS Primavera Sound, and sadly we couldn't make it to Berlin Festival either. But no worries - Meggy took some snaps for us. Check out her photo diary below, and head here to find out more about the artist.

Festival Day 2 (My Day 1); freshly arrived - this is when I realized that it was still way too cold for bare legs that day.

Explaining to my friend Nina that she would love the Berlin vodka "Our Berlin".

She did :)

Checking the map.

White trash fries.

Arena main stage.

Went out for Pan-Pot (somebody's smoking in here).

Watergate stage.

After a big schnitzel at home I returned later that night with my brother.

Romano was one act I badly wanted to see. Was late for his performance but bumped into him and gave him a hug. Behind the stage we found his banner.

Then finally our Suol showcase took off at Arena Club. Well, this time I had on way too many clothes...

My turn: closed the floor at 6am.