Jade Imagine is a new outfit from Melbourne, fronted by Jade McInally, who will be releasing their debut album Basic Love on August 2nd through Marathon Artists. This week they have also shared a new track called 'Remote Control', along with a video, which Jade has said is about:

"...the conflict between reality & escape and the two worlds we live in; dreaming and denial in a world of practicalities and productivity. It's an exploration into synth territory. We wanted this track to be equal parts spooky and catchy, like taking a night-drive in a 1980's sci-fi film. The film-clip begins as we are waking up into our dreamscape - a place between two worlds. Throughout the clip, 'real life' flashes through. We had such a blast filming with Lilli and the team. We hope you enjoy it!"

The song has a existential angst to it, but boiled down to a simple idea that we can all relate to: why can't I just stay home and watch TV all night instead of going out? In the work of Jade Imagine, this idea floats atop bubbling synths and vaporous soundbeds, as if our minds are drifting off into the comfort of our couch, while we're actually out and about supposed to be socialising. It's a quiet delight.

Check out the clip for 'Remote Control' below, co-produced by Jade McInally and Lilli Waters.

Jade Imagine's debut album Basic Love is out August 2nd (pre-order). Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and catch them at one of these live dates:

4th September - London - The Waiting Room
5th September - Amsterdam - Paradiso Upstairs