Mellowhype have dropped a soulful hip-hop track called 'Albany', which just surpasses the 2 minute mark. It's difficult to critique a track like this due to how short it is. You could say that it has potential, which is obviously does, or you could dismiss it, which could be a shame as it feels like it's part of a larger project. The problem we're facing with music these days is the speed in which we get to hear music once it's been recorded.

Odd Future and their affiliate groups/side-projects have always been pretty open with their music, which is great. However, the main problem with that model is that we're subjected to a constant stream of 2 minute 'ideas' that could be so much more if time was invested in them, rather than thrown together with a bunch of similar tracks on a 'free-to-download' mixtape.

Start to develop these ideas guys.