Are you ready to… melt? I suppose that's the easiest way to prepare yourself for this track. Get ready to just turn into a fluid and shudder on in the floor in a puddle of omega chill. I thought "omega" would be cool to say but I'm not sure now. Anyway, you get the idea. Super chillment.

The track is 'The Yearning Life' and it's from a musicmaker called Aldous RH. Blissful in torrents of ambient fuzz, slapdash chime-jangling guitars, it plays host to languorous, stretched-out vocals draped over slow-motion psychedelic bass, all of it like staring at the sun laying out on a patch of luscious grass, or sitting by a pool covered in glistening droplets of water. Smells like chlorine and fruit cocktails: a gorgeous soundscape.

It's taken from a 6-track EP, Seductive Atmospheres, which is available now on 12" vinyl and digital, via boutique publishers/label Kaleidoscope.