No two stars have the same trajectory. That may or may not be true for physics (this is The 405, your source for science news), but it can be said about pop stars. Before she was sleepwalking through her 1950s Hollywood ethos, Lana Del Rey was notoriously known as failed pop star Lizzie Grant. Prior to stealing everyone's hearts and becoming every other celebrity's best friend, Taylor Swift was just a teenage transplant, living in Nashville and beginning her burgeoning career as a low-key country artist. And Katy Perry - well before she kissed a girl - was carving a career in Christian music.

Before breaking on the pop scene in 2008, Katy Perry was known by her birth name Katy Hudson as a performer. She made some headway in the Christian scene, which included a stint behind that Jesus loving surfer band P.O.D. Metal Sucks uncovered the hidden gems of Perry's Hudson days, which includes a spot near the end of the band's video 'Goodbye For Now' and even a live performance of the single on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 2005. Watch the videos below and never forget.